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  • Disposable, Non-skid for improved traction Non-woven, Spunbonded Polypropylene Water/Fluid Resistant Sewn seams and elastic opening provides snug fit at the ankles Universal fit; Non-gender specific Non-sterile/Single use Latex-free

  • Disposable, Full width and secures with: 4-ties, Ear Loop, or, 4-ties with Clear Plastic Visor Flexible nose piece provides better protection and security Meet ASTM Standards Non-sterile/Single use Latex-free

  • Disposable, Polyethylene-coated Polypropylene Offers economical, comfortable and reliable coverage: 24”x42” (61x107cm) Adjustable waist ties Non-sterile/Single use Latex-free

  • Latex Powdered and Latex Powder Free Easy entry design and exceptional durability Textured surface enhances wet and dry grip Thinner gauge improves tactile sensitivity Non-Sterile/Single use Vinyl Powder Free and Nitrile Powder Free Custom design enhances comfort and fit Beaded Cuff Ambidextrous Non-Sterile/Single use Latex-free

  • Disposable, Non-reinforced, Non-toxic and Non-pyrogenic Breathable, Impervious and Fluid Resistant Medical cuffs made from cotton Adjustable neck with Velcro Hook and loop closure Includes 2 Hand Towels and CSR Wrap AAMI Level 3 Protection for reinforced gowns Sterile/Single use Latex-free

  • Disposable, High quality spun bonded polypropylene Offers, economical, comfortable and reliable coverage Adjustable waist and neck ties Elastic cuffs  Sterile/Single use Latex-free

  • Disposable, Blue Nurses Non-woven Spunbonded Polypropylene Blue Nurse caps available in 21" and 24"; Lightweight, cool and comfortable fit with soft elastic band Disposable, Blue Surgical OR cap Garrison style with adjustable ties Non-Sterile/Single use Latex-free

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items